Threadflip Review

Remember that shirt you bought two years ago? You know which one I mean. The one that you were totally in love with, but you still have yet to cut the tags off of…

If you’re a shopaholic like me, here’s a website you’ve been waiting for. Welcome to ThreadFlip!



Threadflip is wonderful website that is “pioneering a new social shopping experience by offering women a simple way to convert their closets into a dynamic boutique-like experience, connecting buyers with sellers, and capturing the collaborative energy of shopping with friends.” I promise, it’s as great as it sounds!

I’ve been on Threadflip for about a month an a half now, and honestly couldn’t be happier. It’s so simple to use, and there’s even a mobile app! Here’s my simple guide to making a few bucks on Threadlip:

How to Sell:

  1. Thoroughly raid your closet. Take out anything that you haven’t worn in a year. If you think it’s worth at least $10 (the minimum selling price on Threadflip), set it aside. If it’s not worth selling, start a bag to donate to Goodwill or your local homeless shelter.
  2. Create a Threadflip account. These can be linked to your Facebook- one less password to remember, plus you can check out what your friends have in their closets!
  3. Get listing! Threadflip will walk you through a step-by-step process when listing your items online. Just snap a few pictures, and upload them online.

Threadflip only ships their items through Priority Mail at the US Postal Service. For me, it’s a little difficult to get to the post office since I work 9-5. A great option is to order some priority boxes online. It’s free to have them delivered at home. When you sell your first item, schedule a pickup right from your front door!


*Helpful hint: You can have the buyer pay for shipping, so you don’t have to dish out extra cash. Simply select buyer pays shipping.


Happy ThreadFlipping! Below are a few closets that I LOVE 🙂